Wireguard speed tests on ASUS RT-AC86U

Wireguard speed tests on ASUS RT-AC86U

I just did a short test of running WireGuard on my ASUS RT-AC86U router, following the instructions I found in the Smallnetbuilder forum.
Got it finally working with a small changes, to the config and did some speed tests to compare it to my previous OpenVPN speed tests done on the same router.

Technical information:
Router: ASUS RT-AC86U
Firmware: Merlin 384.5_alpha3
VPN Provider: AzireVPN
Speed test server: Stockholm – NORDUnet A/S

As you can see below, the speed test results are a bit over 400 Mbit/s both downlink and uplink. (regular ISP speed ca. 950 / 950 Mbps)

At the same time while testing the max speed with Speedtest.net, the CPU was working up to 100%, using both cores simultaneously. Something which isn’t possible when using OpenVPN on the router.

Looking good so far. WireGuard can use multi-cores in the CPU, and OpenVPN can’t. Hoping for more VPN providers to implement WireGuard soon.
At the moment (April 2018) I think only Mullvad and AzireVPN do support WireGuard.

Update: 2018-09-15

I wrote an instruction about how to install and run WireGuard on your Asus router. See the link below.

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