How to check IP addresses used with your Facebook account

How to check IP addresses used with your Facebook account

The news today revealed a Facebook breach. You maybe are wondering whether someone else then you did use your Facebook account?
There is an rather easy way to check this out.

How to create a Facebook log file with your IP addresses

Start with login to your Facebook account and go to your “Facebook Settings”.

There you have a menu called “Your Facebook information“.
Click “Download your information” -> “View

The next view will show you a list with a lot of different information connected to your account. Nice to have, but the only important information for us is shown at the end of the list.
So start with with clicking on “Deselect all” to unmark all checkboxes..

Afterwords scroll down to the end where you see “Security and login information“.
Select only this checkbox.

Afterwords, scroll back to the top again and select “Create File“.

This process will take a couple of minutes. You will now receive and e-mail from Facebook informing you that the file request has been received.

After a few minutes, when the file download is ready, you will receive second e-mail. Login to your account again, and click on the “Facebook Notification” sign following the link to download your file.

Inspecting your IP addresses

Unzip / unpack the file downloaded from Facebook and open the index.html file load the overview page.

In this view, click on “Used IP addresses“. This will bring up a list with properly a lot of different IP addresses which don’t tell you so much.

Now, visit the website and visit their “IP-Bulk-Lookup” function.
You can enter up to 100 IP addresses at once and then press on “Lookup“.

The result

Finally you will get presented with a list of all locations connected to your Facebook IP addresses.

Scroll through the list and check whether all IP’s are connected to the internet providers you used. Keep in mind that the Facebook used IP list is going back in time. So you may see IP addresses used two years ago.

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