How big are swedish VPN providers?

How big are swedish VPN providers?


Since a couple of month I was wondering, how big Swedish VPN providers actually are? Who has the most users? Well this is difficult to say since this information is not published very often.

To get some kind of estimation about how much money each VPN provider is doing in 2017, I was using the  available tax information for each of the companies behind for the VPN providers selected. The tax information for each company is publicly available in Sweden for everybody to see.

The candidates

To compare some of the Swedish candidate I was selecting the following VPN providers:

To check the information I was using the website .

The result

Below you see the reported tax information for each company, starting with the first one which made the most money. (Not counting profit made, only money income).
Of course, the money may not only come from customers who are paying, so the information below may don’t show a correct picture, and the company behind the VPN maybe has other business as well, but it’s at least a try to see whats behind each company.

Mullvad = 8,03 Mio SEK

OVPN = 6.11 Mio SEK

PrivateVPN = 2.32 Mio SEK

AzireVPN = 0,93 Mio SEK

Guessing that the most income is coming from VPN customers and that the companies are only having the selling of VPN accounts as their business, the top list result is shown below.

  1. Mullvad
  2. OVPN
  3. PrivateVPN
  4. AzireVPN

Interestingly the same ranking continues, when we instead are checking the number of employees at each company. (thanks to @PontusFalk for this input) We are getting the following result / ranking:

  1. Mullvad = 9 employees
  2. OVPN = 2 employees
  3. PrivateVPN = 1 employee
  4. AzireVPN = no information available
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